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The Security of a Free State

The tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook is still fresh in the minds of parents around the country, and rightfully so. A classroom full of Kindergarteners was gunned down by a deranged, psychopathic killer in the days before Christmas.

Within this great tragedy lies a smaller, more personal one for me. On the day of the massacre, I was busy at work and didn't hear until the afternoon. My first response should have been sadness and sympathy - and indeed, I felt those emotions. Tempering them, though, was an anger at those in the political sphere who I knew would use the deaths of two dozen innocents as an opportunity to lessen my own ability to protect my family.

The Future of Python is in the Past

This post is in response to Calvin Spealman's I Am Worried About the Future of Python.

First, I believe that Calvin's concern is a legitimate one. Python has grown into one of the premier languages in the Open Source communnity - and for good reason. Python is designed from the ground up to support object- oriented development, and the conventions and syntax strongly encourage clean, readable code. It also has an excellent developer community, which is both supportive and uniformly knowledgable.