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Yes, it's "one of those posts".

I'm bringing my blog back to life - or at least, that's my intention. I'm subject to procrastination as much as anyone else, so there's a fair chance that I'll get it up and running again, then promptly forget about it. It happens.

For now, I've imported a few of my posts from the previous version of this blog. They're dated, but I figure old, stale content is better than no content.

Seriously, though, I think the time has come. Since I updated this last, I've gone from "Programmer", through several variants of "Software Engineer", to where I am today: "Senior Staff Software Engineer". In the course of that, my role and responsibilities have changed significantly. These days, I spend at least as much time on "soft skills" as I do writing code: pairing with others, designing architectures, writing and reviewing proposals, reviewing changes, and just generally doing my best to use my experience to help others avoid the mistakes that I've made in the past.

Much of that work results in my documenting my thoughts and ideas to share with my colleagues - it seems like a small step to go ahead and spend a bit more time to format those writings into something that I can share with the world.

Who knows, maybe I'll end up turning this site into a useful resource. If not... well, I guess it'll look good on a résumé!